8 – Research and References


“Derbyshire Cavemen” by Stephen Cliffe, Amberley Publishing Plc.

( a couple of sentences in this tome inspired my “Devil’s Dining Room” story)

“The Lunar Men” by Jenny Uglow, Faber and Faber

“Britain – The Making of a Nation” Constable and Robinson Ltd


Places and People:

Sarah – for her great musicianship and creativity.

Erasmus Darwin House Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Allison, Tom and all conversations we’ve had with volunteers.

Thanks for rehearsal space and time to study.

Soho House, Handsworth, Birmingham – with thanks to Rachel West, the staff and volunteers.

Derby Museum and Art Gallery

Curator / Education Officer. Thanks for rehearsal space, performance and access to the Joseph Wright Gallery for study.

Lichfield District Library.

Many thanks to Yvonne Smith, the Tuesday group, and to all librarians who run the amazing archive.

Ingestre Hall Stafford.  Many thanks to Anthony Evans and Richard Poynton for use of his Drama studio.

Many thanks to Maya, Dave and Doug for their encouragement and support.


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