3 – What the Audience has said…

What single word best described the event:

What did you enjoy?

Comments from audience members across our shows so far…..

“Loved the song of Balance. Loved the creation of atmosphere in Lichfield and in the house of Darwin.  The Moon and the different characters – really took us there. It was nice when the focus was on narrative or music – really enjoyed the blend of both, well done.  I loved the phrase: ‘Artists paint with their imaginations’ especially apt to hear that in a room of paintings – it created space to look at the paintings in that moment.”  

“What a magical experience you conjured! I felt I had to write and congratulate you on your carefully balanced performance.  For me the most memorable bit was the cave sequence in Derbyshire when Erasmus was lowered down on a rope.  I could feel the hairs on my neck stand on edge as the words and music painted such a compelling picture of the dark, the cold ,the dampness, the straining of the rope, the candle light.  Words and music fitted together perfectly.  The venue made it extra special too.  I feel I witnessed something very special.”

“Being transported back to the time of the eighteenth century by your brilliant Storytelling, Singing and Music. I was there. This performance can’t be improved upon.”

“This was a fascinating performance: We loved the way that language, music and painting came together to evoke a unique moment in Midlands’ history. Maria Whatton’s storytelling was captivating:  rhythmic, musical and original, punctuated by Sarah’s beautiful folky singing voice and haunting violin. The music added incidental atmosphere to the theatrical, almost cinematic piece. There were moments when it had a gothic quality.”

“The references to moonlight were illustrated in almost every painting.”

“The themes of scientific investigation, engineering and art were bound together beautifully.”

“I found myself wanting to follow up the full story of the Lunar Society – this was a great way to inspire and enthuse an audience about their own history.”

“A marvellous event executed perfectly by two very talented women.  This performance deserves the highest praise. Well done.”

“A fascinating story interestingly interwoven with music. A lovely performance.”

“The Storytelling was brilliant. Singing and wording amazing. Allowed me to see Joseph Wright’s paintings more clearly. Atmospheric.”

“I enjoyed the setting, atmosphere and Storytelling.”

“I enjoyed the whole performance. What a lot of talent you both have. How wonderful!”

“Incredibly imaginative and equally informative: a difficult combination to execute well. The marriage of the spoken word and the music added another level to the piece. Wonderful.”

“The combination of a powerful story told exceptionally well and superb music made for a very evocative evening and was thoroughly enjoyable.”

“Your performance was wonderful – your voice, music – both of you were amazing.”                                         Eriko Mochizuki

Students from the University of Luxembourg:

“The singing was very cool and really good.”

“The enthusiasm of both performers!!  I loved the different folklore tales.”

“Enjoyed singing along – the dancing table and the stomping – WOW!”

“You could feel the ghosts of these characters”


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